This is going to be my last post, and since I titled my blog “Speak the Truth About” that’s what I’m going to do. I truly don’t believe that we need technology to be effective educators. Yes I see the benefits and how they can help, and technology is wonderful in that sense, but it has become our world in such a short time. There is a generation growing up right now that would scream at you if you took away their video games. Why? I found out yesterday that studies have shown that one hour playing a video game causes the same chemical reactions in your brain as half a line of cocaine. Don’t believe me? Visit Brad Huddleston’s website and see for yourself.

When interacting with technology it doesn’t distinguish the content used, whether it’s educational or simply a video game. The chemical reactions to the use of technology is so scary that I’m seriously concerned for the next generation.

Yes I will use technology in the classroom because it does have it’s benefits, yet how I use it and how often I use it will constantly be under scrutiny.

I want to thank everyone for participating in this semester, and the strategies we’ve learnt from this course will not be forgotten. Some in particular have already been implemented into my personal pedagogy. Thanks everyone and all the best.



What, So What, Now What?

When completing the moodle book “Reflecting on what happened” I realized the structure the book had was What, So What, Now What? This is not the first time I’ve seen this strategy as it’s used at meetings with youth group leaders, and even in a study group with people from church. I became kind of excited to be honest because it really is a good reflection strategy. Last week my study group was using it while playing some games of Mafia (if you don’t know what that is then look it up!)

Anyway just wanted to let people know of this strategy, if you don’t already know. I highly recommend it!

“Here” is a link if you want to know more about it/ đŸ™‚

Now What??

Moodle Book Drop Out

So this will sound bad, I forgot until today that there is this week’s learning path to complete. It’s ok! I’ve started, except halfway through the second moodle book the session dropped out, and I can’t get it back no matter what I do. In my frustration I googled “technology rant” and guess what… Barack Obama even has frustrations with technology!

Yes that’s right the President of USA shared his frustrations about technology with Hampton University students five years ago. You can read the article “here”.

So after trying, and trying, and trying to get the moodle book back, it hasn’t worked. So I’m going to leave it for a while then come back praying it’ll work!

Any advice in case it doesn’t?

The Life of a Teacher

Well to be honest I didn’t even think about blogging during prac. Beforehand I thought I might, but then when prac started the through didn’t even enter my mind. Why? The life of a teacher is always busy and most people don’t even realize it. Have a look at this article written two months ago. It’s titled “A Day in the Life of a First-Year Primary Teacher.”

My reflections during prac were all made on the backs of my lesson plans, so don’t worry, I did reflect. đŸ™‚

I actually admire those who posted during prac such as Frances who wrote posts about her prac journey, and Tegan who posted at the beginning of the second week. There were others as well. So to those people I say, “Well Done!”

Initial Thoughts from Prac

Now that prac has been finished for nearly a week, despite uni assessment, I’ve been able to have a bit of a mental break. I’ve also had time to think back and reflect over the three weeks of prac. As anyone does at this point of a semester, you wonder if the end goal of the degree is worth it. If what you’re studying is something you’ll regret. Alex has shared some of her thoughts “here”. I am thankful to say that though it was a tough prac and had it’s challenges, I have come away refreshed in my motivation to complete my degree in Education. I used to wonder whether I really wanted to be a teacher, but the opportunities we have to impact and change students’ life isn’t something I’m willing to give up.

What are your thoughts?

Messaging Myself…

Just before I was going through Facebook messages to find someone, and came across my own name. Honestly I was really confused because it said “thoughts for later”. I was beginning to mentally kick myself but thought I’d better have a look at the article I attached. If you want to read it, click “here”.

After reading this article titled “Four Properties of Powerful Teachers”, I didn’t feel as in the dark. Not on the topic, which I absolutely love (what are your thoughts?), but more on the fact that must have seen the article and found it interesting but knew that I didn’t have the time to read it. So what did I do? I attached it to a message and sent it to myself with a note to read it later.

The main reason I’m sharing this is just because I find it interesting how we can use technology to communicate with ourselves. More than once, in the past month, I’ve pulled the car over and messaged myself the lyrics to a song on the radio, so I can find it later.

Does anyone else do anything like this?

CLEM Framework and Community

The online learning path this week introduce the CLEM framework. CLEM stands for Community, Literature, Examples, and Model. To be honest I became pretty excited at discovering this framework included community. Many frameworks cater for enhancing student learning, especially collaborative learning, but the phrase “community” provides the belief that in learning it isn’t simply a bunch of people in a classroom together, but a group of people who are embarking on an adventure to discover and learn.

The following short clip is about how a school in Victoria has created community in the classroom and school-wide. I just want to be clear that no school is perfect, yet this inspired me afresh to do my best for future students.